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Business Savings

Recognise is on a mission to support the UK’s small and medium sized businesses, the engine-room of the economy. That’s why we will soon be launching a range of savings accounts especially designed for SMEs. Because ambitious businesses deserve better.

Later this year Recognise will be launching a range of Business Savings Accounts to help you boost the return on your cash surplus, so you can start saving for your business’ future and its evolving and growing needs.

Our new Business Savings Accounts will offer compelling rates, security, simplicity and flexibility every organisation needs, as well as a choice of products to suit your circumstances, from Notice Accounts to Fixed Term Deposit Accounts.

But that’s only part of the story. We recognise you can’t become a business saver without first being a business success. Which is why we take a fresh approach to supporting UK businesses, a community grossly underserved and taken for granted for too long. When you save with Recognise you are also supporting other growing and ambitious SMEs, helping them realise their full potential.

Because we know your time’s precious, we’ll be making it quick and easy to manage your accounts online. And of course, your money is FSCS protected.

At Recognise we’re not just about growing the savings of individual businesses, we’re here to support the engine-room of the UK economy.

Driving prosperity, one ambitious business at a time.


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