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What is a notice savings account?

A notice account is a type of savings account which requires you to give a set period of notice before withdrawing funds. Notice periods can vary from several weeks to months. Interest rate on notice accounts are variable and could fluctuate.

Our business savings accounts

4.30% AER
4.40% AER
4.50% AER
3.15% AER
3.25% AER

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All eligible deposits are protected up to £85,0002.

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Flexibility to move your money in and out by providing the agreed notice.

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Our range of business savings account types

Easy access savings accounts

Earn competative rates and get access to your funds whenever you like.

Fixed savings accounts

Secured interest rates over a fixed term. Perfect for long-term business planning.

Important information

Make sure you read our general terms and conditions and product terms and conditions before opening an account.

AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded annually each year.

Gross is the interest rate payable before tax is deducted.

Your eligible deposits with Recognise Bank are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme. Visit the FSCS website to see how your money is protected. To check how much of your money is protected by the FSCS, you can also visit the FSCS protection checker at Bank & savings protection checker | Check your money is protected |FSCS

Frequently asked questions

£1,000. This threshold ensures a solid foundation for your business savings journey.

  • £250,000 for Limited Companies and LLPs.
  • For all other business entities, the maximum deposit is £85,000.

No. You need to wait for the minimum notice period specified in your account’s terms to withdraw your funds. You can find this information in the product summary sheet.

Notice savings accounts offer flexible yet rewarding returns with competitive interest rates. Without tying up your funds for the long term, you can benefit from effective financial planning by giving a notice period before withdrawals. Ideal for businesses seeking to boost the growth potential of their cash reserves, this account allows access to funds with short-term planning.

Many business owners appreciate the flexibility of not tying up their savings for an extended period. Plus, you can effectively plan your finances by giving the bank notice, whether it’s short or long term, when you need access to your funds.

Yes, the interest rate is variable. Don’t worry; we will always let you know of any planned changes to the interest rate in accordance with our terms and conditions.

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