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This is the time for Recognise to shine

After three and half years of hard work, Recognise Bank received its full authorisation.

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SMEs need expert help with their borrowing needs more than ever

Our recent SME Survey has found that a majority of firms say their existing business bank can’t always support their borrowing needs.

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How we create the perfect Deal Team

The Deal Team is just one of the advances Recognise has implemented to improve the service we offer UK SMEs.

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Trust is the key to securing funding in these challenging times

What are the funding options open to businesses as they look to grow coming out of lockdown.

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Great news from the Chancellor for small businesses

In this year’s Budget, only his second as Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced a range of small business friendly measures to help the sector.

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SMEs call on the Chancellor to continue financial help

What kind of support would small businesses like to see in next month’s Budget speech?

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Working with great brokers, we can truly help Britain’s small businesses grow

Brokers will play a vital role in our mission to help the UK’s SMEs thrive.